I’ll start by saying; Antonio Banderas (Honorary President of Miami Fashion Week) is as handsome in person as he is on celluloid.

I can attest to this because I inadvertently sat behind him during two of the shows.  I must have looked the part because security didn’t drag me out from behind him.

Banderas announced that he would be creating his own fashion label soon.  He reminisced about his time back on the Zorro set with Anthony Hopkins where Hopkins told him that the black mask and costume was a potential defining character link.  In other words, “What we wear defines us.”  My thought…does that mean that in the near future, Banderas will highlight his designs with black masks and capes?”  Porque no?    

Besides multiple Red Carpet interviews, open bars, fashion personalities and a batch of fashion conscience attendees,  who mingled during the runway shows at the Ice Palace Studios in downtown Miami, local personality Nick D’Annunzio featured four influential industry fashionistas in his Master Class. “The New Dress For Success” panel discussions, offered young designers, students, buyers and personal shoppers invaluable experiences from fashion bloggers Mariah Bernardes and Ginger Harris, “Boss in Heels” career coach Heather Monahan, and fashion lawyer Danielle Garno.

International fashion star Rene Ruiz said, “This is a fantastic event.  Miami is now a fashion destination.”