Fishy Dish                      Fishy Dish

When I was a kid, my father, mother and grandmother constantly scolded me because I played with my food at the dinner table.  Today, I write articles about great chefs who played with their food. 

I just created a delicious healthy dish, (except for the optional chips), that you might enjoy making. 


1-   Take a teacup and spray/rub the interior with extra virgin olive oil, (EVOO). 

2-   Add a layer of freshly diced, uncooked tuna (or cooked diced shrimp, tilapia, etc.), salt & pepper and/or any spices that you appreciate and press into teacup.

3-   Next, in another plate combine finely diced avocado, skinless tomatoes, garlic, shallots, parsley, mixed with balsamic vinegar and add a little more EVOO.

4-   Then take a tablespoon of this mixture and spread onto the first layer of tuna (like a triple layer cake). Keep alternating layers until cup is full. Press the layers downwards with a spoon.  Now take the teacup and turn upside down onto an attractive dish.  No paper or ugly plates.  Remember you eat with your eyes.

5-   Remove the cup and you should have a mountain shape in the center of your plate.

6-   Add small chunks of crab meat around the base of the delectable mountain.  Take finely cut fresh basil, chives, sage and sprinkle over the whole preparation.

7-   Finally take a handful of Tostitos (or any chips) and place around the crab meat ring.  Use the chips as ‘spoons’ or use a fork to dip into the yummy creation and omit the chips entirely.

Note to parents…If your kids play with their food… well now you know.